Meet Your Coach ∞ Rachel Moore

Thanks for taking some of your precious time to explore a bit about my offerings and learn more about me. 

I am a business coach/consultant and I help individuals and companies develop transformational leadership skills and capabilities to achieve 10X productivity results. 

I’ve held numerous roles and consulted for companies such as Georgia Pacific, Koch Fertilizer, Kimberly Clark, Akzo Nobel and PaR Marine as well as entrepreneurs desiring to grow their businesses.  My experience includes

Manufacturing leadership                    Business leadership                          

Strategic/tactical planning                   Change management                          

Business process improvement            Project management                          

Organizational development                Training and development 

43 years of work experience has taught me that a transformational leader’s role is not to take charge, but to take care of the people in their charge (thank you Simon Sinek for the eloquent description). The secret sauce is being able to cast a compelling vision and communicate that vision to all members of the team so that they continually connect to the vision and the goals that support it from the lens of their roles.  Focus is a key component to creating sustainable change and that is what transformational leadership is about.

From that same work experience, I also know that oftentimes leaders are expected to spend more time being managers/doers than leaders/change agents/coaches of others.  This mandate is a key driver of leaders’ inability to successfully create the maximum long-term value for their teams and their businesses.  And the typical fallout is dissatisfied and demotivated leaders and employees.

35 years of leadership experience has positioned me to see and do the good, the bad and the ugly. And with a very few exceptions, I did what was required of me and stayed in integrity to myself and my values.  I deeply regret not being able to find a way to do that for those few exceptions, but I learned from each painful experience.  So, I know what transformational leadership looks like.  And I know what it takes to successfully lead sustainable change and balance that with the time demands required to manage the complexity of ongoing business. 

My credentials include

  • Bachelor of Science in textile chemistry from Georgia Tech
  • Bachelor of Science in textile engineering from Georgia Tech
  • Master of Science in textile chemistry from Georgia Tech
  • Master of Arts in organizational effectiveness from The Fielding Institute
  • Coaching certification from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy
  • DreamBuilder Coach certification from the Life Mastery Institute
  • Life Mastery Consultant certification from the Life Mastery Institute

Outside of my passion for coaching and helping others, I love to travel to exciting destinations, ride motorcycles and scuba dive. My connection with family and friends is a high priority in my life as is supporting organizations that help military personnel, the homeless and those who want to better their lives. 





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